Benefits of CBD

The use of medical marijuana is a big debate in the world of medicine. Although arguments have been made about the immense benefits of CBD for pain relief, disease treatment, mental illnesses, and more, there are people who are still hesitant to embrace CBD as a natural medicine and a legitimate treatment path for people struggling with certain ailments.

Despite pushback about the use of CBD oil as a medicine, it is becoming increasingly more popular as a treatment for a variety of different health issues. There are multiple proven effects of CBD as a medicine:

Pain and Inflammation Relief

CBD acts as a natural pain and inflammation relief for those struggling with chronic or even temporary pain. This is believed to have something to do with the inhibiting of neuronal transmissions in pain pathways.

Antipsychotic Effects

CBD is also thought to have a pharmacological profile that is similar to standard antipsychotic drugs.

Anxiety Reduction

Studies have shown that CBD can be used as a relief for those who struggle with anxiety—or even other mental disorders such as panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

CBD has also been shown to inhibit the migration of cancer cells within the body. Because CBD is non-toxic, it can be used safely as a treatment over time meaning it could be a treatment for all types of cancers including lung, colon, and even leukemia.

Nausea Relief

Research has shown that more than 80 cannabinoid compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant help users find relief from nausea and vomiting.

Seizure Treatment

A study done in 2014 showed a very high number of people finding relief from cannabis for seizures from conditions such as epilepsy.

Diabetes Treatment

CBD has been shown to significantly decrease pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, insulin levels, and even waist sizes.

Promotes Heart Health

Research has also found that CBD can help protect the heart against a high-glucose environment, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes.

CBD vs Regular Medicine

CBD, unlike other compounds derived from the cannabis plant, actually does not have mind-altering effects. Because of this, it is a great way to gain relief from a wide range of medical issues in a natural way.

A study done by NASEM found significant evidence suggesting that cannabis could be used in place of typical pharmaceuticals as a treatment for both common and severe medical problems. In fact, studies have shown that many consumers looking for treatment for a wide range of different ailments have given up conventional pharmaceutical drugs and taken to using CBD as a treatment instead.

CBD for Epilepsy

A recent study found that smoking CBD could be effective in reducing the severity and the frequency of seizures in those struggling with epilepsy.

CBD for Alzheimer’s

Studies have shown that CBD could be used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease—and a potentially stronger one when combined with THC.

CBD for Parkinson’s

The neuroprotectant, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids have been found to benefit those struggling with Parkinson’s Disease because they can help provide relief from its symptoms.

CBD for Anxiety

CBD’s calming effects can be a huge help for those struggling with anxiety. With CBD, users can experience the anxiety-relieving effects without getting the “high.”

CBD for Depression

CBD has been found to be a natural way to treat those struggling with depression. This is because the properties of CBD can help to regulate human functions including sleep, appetite, mood, pain, etc.

CBD for Inflammation

Research has shown that cannabinoids can help reduce inflammation in the body which can lead to relief from chronic pain and other inflammation issues.

CBD for Antioxidants

CBD is said to relieve the body from oxidative stress which is thought to be the root of a number of different issues including neurodegenerative diseases, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, heart problems, inflammatory diseases, some cancers, and more.

Why Choose CBD Over Regular Medicine?

CBD is a more appealing choice as a treatment option for many people just due to the safety of it. Pharmaceutical drugs can often be addictive and even fatal in the case of an overdose. Thousands of people die per year from overdosing on opioids—thought to be one of the most addictive narcotic drugs. CBD simply doesn’t have the same dangers.

By using CBD as a treatment for chronic pain, mental illness, disease, and more, people who are struggling with health issues won’t have to worry about the addiction and death that could come from using drugs given out by pharmaceutical companies.